When I first started seeing Dr, Karen at the beginning of November, I mentioned to her that every Christmas and 4th of July I have a bad Lupus flair-up. We began working with some healthy lifestyle recommendations, supplements for my digestive and overall health, along with Bach Flowers for my emotional health. We met again in early December and she tweaked my supplements and gave me a new custom Bach Flower Remedy. When I saw her again in the beginning of January, she started going over the symptoms questionnaire that I filled out before my first consultation. I was shocked by how many things were not bothering me anymore and in such a short amount of time! I even shared with her that when I saw my GP last week she said that my cholesterol numbers had come down and that she was not going to push for me to take any meds for it anymore, as I had tried them before but I didn’t like how they made me feel. Then Dr. Karen asked me how my holiday was, I shared about the busy, and a bit stressful, time I had with my family. Then she asked me how bad my flair-up was this time?… I had not even realized it, but I did NOT have a Lupus flair-up this past holiday! I was very calm, even though it was very busy, I didn’t even think about it until she asked me!

Thank you Dr. Karen for that unexpected surprise!
~Elizabeth K.