Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Ionic Detox Foot Bath* – $50
45 minute session
– Package of 6 – $288 ($48 each session)
   45 minutes each session
– Recommended Program – Package of 12 – $540 ($45 each session)
   45 minutes each session
In-person only at 103 Main St N, Navarre, OH 44662

The primary benefit of an Ionic Detox Foot Bath is that it enhances the body’s own natural detoxification abilities. Assisting the body in relieving harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter from the body more efficiently.

We are all familiar with the process of ionization, in nature ions are generated by the movement of water molecules. This is why we feel so good while walking along a beach or near a waterfall. We are creating the same reaction with the Ionic Detox Foot Bath, only magnified.

During an Ionic Detox Foot Bath the client sits in a comfortable chair, most individuals find the experience to be very relaxing. An array is placed in a basin of water with a bit of salt, if needed, and your feet. When turned on, the control unit delivers a clean, filtered current to the array, which causes the array along with the water and salt, to generate positively and negatively charged ions by separating the water into oxygen and hydrogen. These ions draw oppositely charged toxins from the body into the water, through the skin of the feet by osmosis and diffusion. This involves the movement of particles through a membrane, from a lower concentration to a higher concentration, in this case, the higher concentration is the ion field set up by the array in the basin of water.

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Remember though, that an Ionic Detox Foot Bath is less about what we see in the water and more about it stimulating your body’s own detoxification system. As your body will continue to detox through your sweet, urine and bowel movements over the next 24 to 48 hours. It is very important to stay well hydrated during this time to assist with this toxin release.

Recommended Ionic Detox Foot Bath Program
The general recommended Ionic Detox Foot Bath program consist of one sessions a week for eight weeks (8 sessions), then one session every other week for the next eight weeks (4 sessions), for a total of twelve sessions. After this initial program, maintenance sessions can then be done once a month. Though the frequency of the Ionic Detox Foot Bath Sessions will be based on your own personal need.

Ionic Detox Foot Baths are known to cleanse, balance, and refresh your body and as a result, have been known to:
Increase energy
Improve sleep
Help with a greater sense of well-being
Help with memory and mental clarity
Improve liver and kidney function
Help to move the lymphatic system
Help remove toxins, heavy metals,
and other foreign matter
Improve circulation
Help with menstrual issues
Help with weight control
Help with muscle and joint issues
Improve skin issues
Improve pH levels
And many more countless benefits

Ionic Detox Foot Baths are not recommended for persons who have a pacemaker or any other battery-operated implants, who are on medication for irregular heart beat, are on blood thinners or have blood-clotting disorders such as hemophilia, pregnant or nursing women, organ transplant recipients, have implanted metal rods or pins, had any part of their colon removed, sufferers of epileptic seizures, people currently fasting, diabetics, or those with open wounds on their feet. If you experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), please eat before a session. People undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment must wait until one month after completion of these treatments.*


dditional Session Time
If the need should arise for extended time at your session, it will be billed at $35 up to each additional 15 minutes of time, subject to available scheduling. A follow-up appointment may need to be scheduled instead, if additional time is not available the day of your current session.


Pricing and services offered are subject to change without notice. Rev. 5/23
*The services offered here are at all times restricted to consultation, education and natural health ministry of matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of natural health and stewardship of the body, and do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for disease.