Helping You Regain Your Health, Naturally.

Are you looking for a way to help stimulate your body’s own healing process? Then you’ve come to the right place…

Traditional Naturopathy is natural, noninvasive and promotes self-healing. Dr. Karen believes that maintaining good health is more than just caring for the different parts of our physical bodies individually or masking symptoms. She also cannot overlook that there is a strong emotional component to everything in our lives, including physical imbalances. Because of this, she looks at the person as a whole to find the root cause of the issue, to find out why your body is expressing these symptoms and how she can help you to bring your body back into balance.

In Traditional Naturopathy there is no set protocol to helping someone, as we are individuals. This is why Dr. Karen schedules longer appointments, so she can listen to you, to see how she can teach and help you the most. Contact us today to schedule a Natural Wellness Consultation to learn how you can naturally regain health and balance in your life.*


*The services offered here are at all times restricted to consultation and education on matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of natural health and stewardship of the body, and do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for disease.


I’m having great results with a 9 year old girl who is under weight with constipation (only going every 5 to 7 days), doesn’t eat much because of tummy issues and has some emotional stuff going on too. She had also developed a skin rash, and she has not had any reoccurrence in the 5 weeks since I first met with her. I just saw her for a follow-up and her mom said she is like night and day! She told me within 3 days of using the Bach Flowers her anxiety had totally subsided. And being that they followed other things that I recommended, she couldn’t believe that her tummy troubles were gone too! She is now pooping every 2 to 3 days, so there is progress and she has also gained a few pounds. The little girl was so happy to see me and so happy to be feeling so much better. She had run out of her Bach Flower remedy and was supper excited to be getting another one, so I let her make her own remedy by putting the drops in the bottle and she was just over the moon! ☺️ I got a big hug when they left from both the little girl and her mom. Mom told me that she tells everyone that they need to come see me! She also thanked me again in an email and said that I’ve been a blessing in their lives. ❤️ What I do as a Traditional Naturopath truly does make a difference, and I would love the opportunity to help you and your loved ones too! ❤️
~Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen listens intently and I never feel hurried. She asks very reasoned questions, which along with my answers, enable her to assemble a course of action that ultimately helps me feel better. She makes me feel like I’m her only client and the best thing is she really makes a difference.
~Suzie C.