Helping You Regain Your Health, Naturally.

Natural Medicine is not new, it has been practiced since the beginning of time. Naturopathy is natural, noninvasive and promotes self-healing. Dr. Karen believes that maintaining good health is more than just caring for the different parts of our physical bodies individually or masking symptoms. She also cannot overlook that there is a strong emotional component to everything in our lives, including physical imbalances. Because of this, she looks at the person as a whole to find the root cause of the issue, to find out why your body is expressing these symptoms and how she can help you to bring your body back into balance.

Naturopathy can assist with:*
• Adrenal Fatigue • Allergies • Anxiety • Cholesterol Imbalance • Chronic Discomfort • Emotional Imbalance • Gastrointestinal Health • General Fatigue • Heavy Metals • Blood Pressure Imbalance • Headaches • Hormonal Imbalance • Idiopathic Issues • Immune System Imbalance • Inability to Focus • Inflammation • Nerve Issues • Menopause • Physical Traumas • Sleep Problems • Stress • Sugar Imbalance • Thyroid Imbalance • Toxicity • Viral Issues • Weight Control • And the list goes on and on…

Come for a visit to learn how looking at the whole person, to find the root cause of a problem, can help you to naturally regain health and balance in your life.

In Naturopathy there is no set protocol to helping someone, as we are individuals. This is why Dr. Karen schedules longer appointments, so she can listen to you, to see how she can teach and help you the most. Contact us today to find out more about how Naturopathy can help you!


*The services offered here are at all times restricted to consultation and education on matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of natural health and stewardship of the body, and do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for disease.


Thank-You for all you do!! In just 3 days after my first consultation, I’m sleeping better the last couple of days and my belly bloat is getting flatter. You are amazing! I will keep in touch soon, thanks again so much Dr. Karen!!
~Cheri M.😇

I’ve always been susceptible to foot fungus. Even with prescription drugs they are almost impossible to get rid of. Dr. Karen made some recommendations for a topical essential oil mix to spray on, along with some supplements, herbs and dietary changes and guess what? It’s gone away! Bravo!
~Joe S.