Regain Your Health, Naturally.™


Dr. Karen truly loves to take care of people, she loves to teach people how to be well… She listens to their stories and she helps them in ways that no one else has ever taken the time to help them. Read the testimonials here on her website, you will understand… She empowers people, and the results are nothing short of amazing.*

Have you had enough of feeling sick and tired? Of having stubborn health issues, that no one has truly been able to help you with? Of feeling physically and emotionally drained? Of being told that there is nothing wrong with you, even though you truly know that something is just not right? Then you’ve come to the right placeDr. Karen practices building whole body health by working to support every cell, tissue, organ and body system, naturally. She put an emphasis on working with digestive health with all of her clients. As Hippocrates himself said, “All dis-ease begins in the gut.” Her own digestive issues are actually what got her interested in the world of natural health, back when she was in high school.

Traditional Naturopathy is natural, noninvasive and promotes self-healing. Dr. Karen believes that maintaining good health is more than just caring for the different parts of our physical bodies individually or masking symptoms. She also cannot overlook that there is a strong emotional component to everything in our lives, including physical imbalances. Because of this, she looks at the person as a whole to discover the root causes of the issues, to find out why your body is expressing these symptoms and how she can help you to regain health and balance in your life. Dr. Karen is also happy to work along side your current medical doctors, to help you achieve your best possible health.

In Traditional Naturopathy there is no set protocol to helping someone, as we are individuals and not just the label of a diagnosis. This is why Dr. Karen schedules longer appointments, so she can listen to and learn about “you”, to see how she can teach and help you the most to achieve optimal, long-term sustainable health. Hover over the “Services Offered” tab above for a dropdown menu to learn more about what Dr. Karen has to offer.  Contact her today to schedule your appointment.*


*The services offered here are at all times restricted to consultation, education and natural health ministry of matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of natural health and stewardship of the body, and do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for disease.

One of my clients, Elizabeth K., shared with me that due to impressive improvements in her health, her MDs have removed not only her blood pressure medications, but also her hormone replacement therapy. Her cholesterol is good and they no longer push her to take a statin, and ambien has been reduced from 10mg to 2mg.

I just love helping my clients to become healthy again, naturally! 🙂
~Dr. Karen

When I first started seeing Dr, Karen at the beginning of November, I mentioned to her that every Christmas and 4th of July I have a bad Lupus flair-up. We began working with some healthy lifestyle recommendations, supplements for my digestive and overall health, along with Bach Flowers for my emotional health. We met again in early December and she tweaked my supplements and gave me a new custom Bach Flower Remedy. When I saw her again in the beginning of January, she started going over the symptoms questionnaire that I filled out before my first consultation. I was shocked by how many things were not bothering me anymore and in such a short amount of time! I even shared with her that when I saw my GP last week she said that my cholesterol numbers had come down and that she was not going to push for me to take any meds for it anymore, as I had tried them before but I didn’t like how they made me feel. Then Dr. Karen asked me how my holiday was, I shared about the busy, and a bit stressful, time I had with my family. Then she asked me how bad my flair-up was this time?… I had not even realized it, but I did NOT have a Lupus flair-up this past holiday! I was very calm, even though it was very busy, I didn’t even think about it until she asked me!

Thank you Dr. Karen for that unexpected surprise!
~Elizabeth K.