I would like to thank some of my wonderful clients for sharing such kind words about their experience in working with me.

Thank you,
Dr. Karen

Karen Seremak, ND, BCHHP


*The services offered here are at all times restricted to consultation, education and natural health ministry of matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of natural health and stewardship of the body, and do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for disease.

I want to say congrats on your new location in Winesburg; its perfect. Since you’ve done an amazing job getting me squared away, I’ve already begun telling all of the Amish I drive for about you and this more local location. When the phone starts ringing, hang on.

Best Regards,
~Traci C.

One of my clients, Elizabeth K., shared with me that due to impressive improvements in her health, her MDs have removed not only her blood pressure medications, but also her hormone replacement therapy. Her cholesterol is good and they no longer push her to take a statin, and ambien has been reduced from 10mg to 2mg.

I just love helping my clients to become healthy again, naturally! 🙂
~Dr. Karen

When I first called Dr. Karen to schedule an Initial Natural Wellness Consultation for my wife, she was having severe, debilitating, stomach problems. This had been going on for her for 3 to 4 years now. She had gone the regular medical route, had every test imaginable with absolutely no help for her, as they could not find anything wrong… When we had our first meeting with Dr. Karen, she educated us on possible reasons for my wife’s stomach issues and she made some recommendations for food choices and a few supplements for digestive health. When I called to schedule her follow-up consultation, Dr Karen asked how she was doing. I was very happy to share with her that since my wife’s first visit, about a month earlier, she has not had anymore stomach problems since she started following Dr. Karen’s recommendations.

My wife and I are so appreciative for Dr. Karen’s help, thank you!
~ David G.

Dr. Karen made some supplement suggestions for me and I cannot believe the changes that have happened so soon! Within a few days I was getting a good restful nights sleep and my muscles are feeling relaxed. I’ve also noticed the skin around my eyes is tighter and I actually look younger! For years I’ve had fluctuating body heat issues and now my body heat is balanced again! 

Thank you so much, I will be back to see you again!
~Myron Y.

Would I be able to get a refill on the Bach Flower Essence drops? I ran out and stopped using them for a few days, and realized that they made such a huge difference in my mental health! 

Thank you,
~Ann O.

When I first started seeing Dr, Karen at the beginning of November, I mentioned to her that every Christmas and 4th of July I have a bad Lupus flair-up. We began working with some healthy lifestyle recommendations, supplements for my digestive and overall health, along with Bach Flowers for my emotional health. We met again in early December and she tweaked my supplements and gave me a new custom Bach Flower Remedy. When I saw her again in the beginning of January, she started going over the symptoms questionnaire that I filled out before my first consultation. I was shocked by how many things were not bothering me anymore and in such a short amount of time! I even shared with her that when I saw my GP last week she said that my cholesterol numbers had come down and that she was not going to push for me to take any meds for it anymore, as I had tried them before but I didn’t like how they made me feel. Then Dr. Karen asked me how my holiday was, I shared about the busy, and a bit stressful, time I had with my family. Then she asked me how bad my flair-up was this time?… I had not even realized it, but I did NOT have a Lupus flair-up this past holiday! I was very calm, even though it was very busy, I didn’t even think about it until she asked me!

Thank you Dr. Karen for that unexpected surprise!
~Elizabeth K.

Only 3 days after my 17 year old son had his first Bach Flower Session with Dr. Karen he is like a different person, I actually saw improvements that evening! He’s now calm, engaging, helping around the house and seems to feel he has a direction in his life once again. He said he really enjoyed his conversation with her and would be happy to talk with her again. Even my daughter now wants to come for a visit to have a Bach Flower Session.
Thank you Dr. Karen, I’m so pleased!
~Mandy R.

A couple of weeks ago I woke up on Sunday with heartburn (which I never have) and a dull pain right above my stomach. I did not feel well at all. It would vary in intensity and sometimes make me nauseous. It was alarming to say the least. I also had no appetite and couldn’t sleep laying down. I thought/hoped it would just go away. But by Tuesday night it was still there and feeling worse. I went to see Dr. Karen and after asking many detailed questions she felt that it may be a Hiatal Hernia. She then used her hands to gently move my stomach back to it’s correct position and the pain disappeared! She then recommended things I could do, like a deep breathing technique, to keep my stomach in its proper place.

Thanks so much Dr. Karen!
~Maynard P.

My indicator numbers for multiple myeloma, except for right after I had a bone marrow transplant in 2013, have always fluctuated between 13-18 with my current medical treatments. Nothing has changed in my treatments and I now feels as good as I did right after my bone marrow transplant in 2013 and my indicator numbers are down to a 4 (1.9 would indicate that it was gone). The only thing that I have done differently is to follow Dr. Karen’s recommendations to help improve my overall health and emotional support using a custom blend of Bach Flower Remedies.

Thank you Dr. Karen, I haven’t felt this good in years!
~Mary K.

I’m so excited to share that I went to see my MD this morning, and do to the drastic improvements in my health, he completely took me off of a statin and beta blocker, reduced a proton-pump inhibitor by half and has agreed to assist me with continuing to get off of morphine for my knee pain! He told me that he was thrilled and he’s so proud of me! ❤️ Dr. Karen has told me the same, many times, as well…

I’m on cloud 59 and haven’t felt this good in years, I sing Dr. Karen’s praises to everyone! 🙂
~Suzanne L.