Natural Wellness Consultations

FREE ~ Phone Chat Meet & Greet*
(up to 15 minutes)

If you would like, this allows you and Dr. Karen a chance to get to know each other a bit, before you schedule your Initial Natural Wellness Consultation. (this is not required)

Initial Natural Wellness Consultation* – $150
(90 to 120 minutes + Bach Flower Remedy)

– Available in-person or remote ~ Phone, FaceTime or Skype –

At your initial Natural Wellness Consultation we will discuss your areas of concern. What have you been through? What have you tried so far that hasn’t worked? What is it that you want to change? With the help of some wellness assessments and a detailed intake form, that you will fill out prior to your appointment, Dr. Karen’s recommendations will be customized to you, for your specific needs. She will present you with the options and the decisions are yours, it’s your body and your life. YOU are always empowered to make the choices about your wellness plan.

In-person consultations will include a Biological Ionization Wellness Assessment to determine energy in and energy out of the body and where energy loss is occurring. This also serves as a guide to help bring balance back to the body.

Dr. Karen will teach you simple lifestyle changes, along with some possible supplementation and/or herbals, to help you improve your health. This will be a process, like peeling away the layers of an onion so to speak, until we get to the root cause of your health imbalances, because of this follow-up appointments are recommended. The body never does anything wrong. It simply responds to the environment we put it in, so Dr. Karen will teach you how to improve its environment.

Being that Dr. Kaen believes that there is a strong emotional component to everything in our lives, including physical imbalances, emotional support with a Bach Flower Session is also included with your initial Natural Wellness Consultation. (click here for details)

Except for your custom Bach Flower Remedy, supplements and/or herbals are not included in the price of your consultation. Naturopathy supports the body from the inside out, instead of just masking symptoms. Because of this, we only carry exceptional supplement / herbal brands that actually work, with superior quality standards.

Follow-up Natural Wellness Consultations* – $75
(45 to 60 minutes + Bach Flower Remedy)

– Available in-person or remote ~ Phone, FaceTime or Skype –

At your follow-up Natural Wellness Consultations we will focus on how well you have been working to improve your health. We will then address your other areas of concern, looking to see if there is a need for any additional lifestyle changes or possible supplementation and/or herbals, to help you reach your health goals. In-person consultations will include the Biological Ionization wellness assessment.

Emotional support with a Bach Flower Session is also included with your follow-up Natural Wellness Consultation. (click here for details)

The frequency and need for follow-up consultations will be based on each individual circumstance.

Package of 6 Follow-up Natural Wellness Consultations* – $450 ($510 value)
(45 to 60 minutes each + Bach Flower Remedies)
– Available in-person or remote ~ Phone, FaceTime or Skype –
– Bonus – Includes 1 Complimentary Magnetic Therapy Session. (in-person only)

After your initial consultation, this package is for those that are committed to their Natural Health Journey. It includes 6 consecutive monthly follow-up consultations designed to support and guide you to better health, with a bonus of a relaxation Magnetic Therapy Session. (click here for details)
(all package consultations must be completed within 6 months of purchase)


*The services offered here are at all times restricted to consultation and education on matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of natural health and stewardship of the body, and do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for disease.