Magnetic Therapy for Relaxation, Stress Relief and Discomfort

Magnetic Therapy* – $85
45 to 60 minutes
In-person sessions only.

Enjoy the amazing benefits of a Nikken Magnetic Therapy Rollout for relaxation, stress relief and discomfort, by bringing energetic balance to the body. A rollout is done fully clothed using the Nikken Sleep System, which surrounds you in a cocoon of magnetism designed to replicate the earth’s magnetic field in our natural environment, along with the Nikken MagCreator. A Nikken Magnetic Therapy Rollout results in the back, shoulders and neck muscles feeling refreshed and revitalized. This sensation of comfort helps to relax the entire body. A rollout is so incredibly relaxing that many people have actually fallen asleep. Dr. Karen believes it is something that you definitely need to experience!

Complete Nikken sleep system packs, back pads, shoe insoles, and individual magnets that can be placed at the areas of discomfort, are also available to help people get relief throughout their day. No electricity is needed as these items use permanent magnets using DynaFlux Magnetic Technology along with Far-Infrared and Negative-Ion Technology.

Click here to visit my Nikken website, to see the Nikken Magnetic Therapy Products that are available for home/personal use.


Pricing and services offered are subject to change without notice. Rev. 1/20
*The services offered here are at all times restricted to consultation and education on matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of natural health and stewardship of the body, and do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for disease.